Beavertix, the smart event registration platform, becomes Event’nroll


(Boisbriand, Qc) January 15, 2020 - Spordle is proud to announce a new branding for Beavertix, which will be now known as Event’nroll. As a Spordle Inc. division, the smart event registration platform continues to evolve naturally by converging with the other technological sports and entertainment properties of its parent company.  

A new branding for continued growth

Event’nroll is a name that clearly represents the main objective of the platform, which is event registration. The colours used are close to those of Spordle, streamlining and standardizing the visual identity of the society’s properties at the national level. This exposure across the country, coupled with the company’s objectives and vision, were part of the decision process that led to creating this new branding and identifying its terminology. This new generation of technological solutions represents the fruits of our labour as a company that’s proudly established in suburban Montreal and, as such, we believe that our bilingual approach is a definite advantage that had to be put forward so that Event’nroll may continue to grow  across the Canadian and international markets. 

“Our orientation is aimed towards the convergence of our sports and entertainment technological products under the Spordle umbrella. We want Event’nroll to become a dominant player in the North American market and we believe that we will achieve through our corporate and event planning in-house expertise, putting our company’s divisions and their various skills and knowledge towards helping major corporate entities,” said Lyno Côté, Spordle’s President and Chief executive officer.


From festivals to conventions, Event'nroll helps thousands of events run smarter

The company was born in 2006 when its co-founders identified specific technological needs that weren’t available to the event planning industry. That’s when the company built itself up, step by step, gaining clients that varied from festivals, to corporate events as well as general admission. Back in 2018, Spordle acquired the society and continued to grow across Canada. Since then, the company has progressed exponentially by doubling the number of transactions processed with the platform within a year.  

About Event’nroll

Event’nroll is a division of Spordle Inc., a Canadian market leader in corporate and sporting event planning and entertainment. Event’nroll is a group of qualified professionals providing bilingual services and solutions for your events across North America and Europe.


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