A fun and safe minor hockey season awaits us


You want to enjoy a fun-filled hockey season in a safe and secure environment? Hurry up, since minor hockey registrations are almost over!

Contact your Minor Hockey Association and register right now for the 2020-2021 hockey season!

Safety as a priority

While this gradual return to the ice is taking place across Quebec under the best possible conditions, the provincial federation is currently in phase 5 of its return to hockey plan, which means that young athletes will not only be able to play games, but will be able to do so within their region as well as with a neighbouring region, while having fun with their friends and developing physical and collective skills. 


Hockey Quebec applies the regulations required by government authorities. Before each activity, participants and guardians must complete their COVID-19 self-assessment to confirm that they are fit to take part in the activity. Currently, social distancing of one metre for children 16 and under and two metres for those 17 and older is required to prevent the spread of the virus. You will find the mandatory social distancing rules for all participants and accompanying guardians on page 11 of the federation's return plan. Sanitary / hygiene rules required by government authorities (washing hands, coughing / sneezing in his elbow, etc.) are also enforced. You will find the sanitary / hygiene rules for all participants and accompanying guardians on page 13 of the return plan.

Hockey Quebec has also released guides and various tools (available on its website here) that detail the specific instructions to be followed before, during and after the activity. Here are some examples:

  1. Use of your own identified water bottle, tape and personal towel;
  2. No equipment sharing, at all times, for all participants;
  3. Have your own hydroalcoholic solution to ensure your hand hygiene;
  4. Wear the mask which is recommended for ages 2 to 9 and mandatory for ages 10 and up, with the exception of participants on the rink and players on the bench.

As you can see, all measures are in place to ensure that the 2020-2021 minor hockey season is fun and conducive to the development of participants. Teamwork, on and off the ice, will lead to a safe and successful hockey season!

Spordle is committed to being a full-time partner of the sports organizations with which we collaborate in order to successfully continue this return of sports in Quebec. We firmly believe that the practice of sports, as well as the values ​​associated with it, contributes to the physical and mental health of a balanced society.


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