Spordle teams up with the Speed Skating competitions at the Orillia 2020 Ontario Winter Games


Last weekend, Spordle’s National Sales Manager, Michael Sawicz, was on-site at the Allandale Recreation Centre in Barrie to experience the Speed Skating events at the Orillia 2020 Ontario Winter Games.

As the official sponsor of the sport of Speed Skating at the Games, Spordle gave free admission to anyone who wanted to attend the various competitions. Family members, friends and fans of the sport were able to see high-level athletes compete for gold, completely free of charge! Promoting sport is also one of Spordle’s core values. The Ontario Winter Games give young athletes the chance to develop their skills and grow, both as competitors and as people.

Michael handed out medals to deserving athletes.

Our National Sales Manager also got to experience the opening ceremonies, something he won’t soon forget! The Orillia 2020 Ontario Winter Games officially got underway with a free kick-off event at Centennial Park last Thursday, February 27. The event showcased the local community and culture.



The fastest type of human-propelled racing on ice

In Short Track Speed Skating, the competitors race each other on a 111m track that is set on an Olympic-sized (30x60m) rink. Common distances in Short Track Speed Skating include the 500m, 1000m and 1500m. The 500m is considered the sprint in short track speed skating. It is 4.5 laps of the track and takes under 1 minute to complete, with most skaters racing between 45 and 55 seconds. In addition to these common distances, the Ontario Winter Games also feature a 3000m Points Race in which the skaters race for points at 4 intervals over the course of the 27 lap race. This is a strategic race, and the winner is the skater who accumulates the most points during the 27 laps.

Perhaps the most popular event is Short Track Speed Skating is the Relay. Relay teams are made up of 4 skaters who push each other, typically in 1-2 lap intervals, to maintain their speed and complete the race. At the 2020 Ontario Winter Games, the speed skaters tried a new event: the Mixed Gender Relay, which will be an event at the 2022 Olympic Games! Each team will be made up of 2 females and 2 males who must work together to finish the race. Each skater must skate 4.5 laps (500m) in intervals of 2 or 2.5 lap exchanges.

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Spordle would like to congratulate all of the athletes, organizers and volunteers for making the Speed Skating competitions a big success at the Orillia 2020 Ontario Winter Games.


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