Your Soccer Quebec customer centre is now available


(Boisbriand, Qc) January 24, 2020 - Spordle, in collaboration with the provincial sports organization, proudly presents your new Soccer Quebec customer centre.

You’ll find your customer centre on Soccer Quebec’s official website.

Within a dedicated environment, you’ll find all the information related to TSI’s products:

  • Documents* (User guides, referee manuals, travel permits
  • Online training/webinar (Our specialists are currently working on building training sessions specific to TSI’s solutions)
  • Create a support ticket

With this new customer centre, Spordle and Soccer Quebec want to make our users’ lives easier while upping the quality of customer service offered to the federation’s membership.

Welcome to your new Soccer Quebec customer centre!

Team Spordle

*We have noticed that TSI’s documents are available only in French. Our team is currently working on adapting the existing content in English.


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