Return of team sports: things are going well!


After a few weeks during which Quebec amateur sports volunteers went to great lengths so that young athletes could practise their favourite sport as soon as possible, we can now say mission accomplished! Soccer, baseball and dek hockey fields have come back to life across the province and things are going well!

Games will be played soon

The majority of activities on the field are currently in the form of practices. The process of getting back to games will be done according to levels, regions, and the number of registrations, because in many cases, they are still open. Baseball Quebec and Soccer Quebec believe that games for the 2020-2021 season will be possible very soon, in just a few weeks in fact. Even better, for certain organizations and regions, games are already on the calendar either for the July 4 weekend or the week of July 6!

By adapting the rules to maximize compliance with Public Health instructions, whether for baseball, soccer, or dek hockey, the integrity of the sport will be respected since short-term and infrequent contacts will be allowed.

You’re still wondering how the gradual return of team sports in Quebec is going? So far so good, and here are some recent examples to showcase it.

Soccer Quebec

The resumption of soccer activities is an opportunity long awaited by young players in the province who can finally start moving around and having fun with their friends.

As a Radio-Canada story recently showed us, in Blainville, "it feels really good, because we had nothing to do in our homes, and to start playing our sport again, it's really cool," said young Juliette, who is only 9 years old.

One of the parents present for the first day back observed that young people will have to adapt to the new rules, but that they are above all "just happy to be there and see each other again." 

Complete article and video report on the return to the field for soccer (In French)

Source: Jean-Patrick Balleux, Radio-Canada


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Baseball Quebec

The on-field return of baseball, after several months of waiting, took place with a broad smile on the face of all participants, whether players, staff or volunteers.

A recent story published in the Journal de Quebec brought the benefits of getting back on the field to light.  “Our fun of playing the game was cut off overnight, without notice. It was a big shock. We really realize what we have when it's taken away ... We finally have the chance to jump back on the field, "said Raphaël Boutin, a young baseball player.

"Right now, we're just taking advantage of a great opportunity to practise more than usual, just to have more fun when the games start. As coaches, we have to be creative, " said coach Jean-Philippe Roy.

Complete report on the return to training for baseball (In French)

Source: Stéphane Cadorette - Journal de Québec


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For the sport of dek hockey and the HockeyQC group, the announcement made on June 22nd authorizing a return was timely and was accompanied by great relief from its members and organizations.

For Frédéric Bourgoin, the president and founder of HockeyQC, it was a close call for the association he chairs. The repercussions are already perceptible, even if the worst-case scenario has been avoided.

Despite this reality, the enthusiasm and interest of dek hockey players to come back to the game as soon as possible has remained palpable and the available time slots will not be available very long, so it’s better to hurry and register with your local organization right now.

Full story on the importance of restarting dek hockey activities (In French)

Source: Félix St-Aubin - Radio-Canada

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Spordle is committed to being a full partner of the sports organizations with which we collaborate in order to help make this return of team sports in Quebec a success, from training all the way to the return of regular season games!


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